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When it comes to crafting bespoke staircases 3 Cords Building stands as the ultimate trusted source. With over 11 years of unwavering industry expertise, our company is dedicated to transforming your staircase visions into tangible realities. Whether for renowned retail establishments or luxury residences, we've masterfully executed numerous staircase projects, earning the trust of builders, architects, and homeowners across central Texas. Our commitment to innovation in design, an extensive array of styles, and an abundant inventory of top-tier materials ensures that your custom staircase attains the pinnacle of both aesthetics and functionality.


When it comes to crafting custom staircases, we're your dedicated partner for an exceptional journey from start to finish. Our passionate team, coupled with an extensive design portfolio, empowers you to fashion a bespoke staircase that marries affordability with elegance, allowing your personal style to shine through.


Whether you're seeking to enhance your existing staircase or putting the finishing touches on your new custom stairs, you're in the perfect spot. Our selection boasts top-notch balusters and handrails, available in a variety of materials and designs, such as wood, glass, stainless steel, cable railing systems, and expertly crafted wrought iron railings.

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Whether you're revamping your existing structure or adding the final touches to your custom exterior stairs, you're in the right place. We provide an extensive array of premium balusters and handrails, with options spanning wood, glass, stainless steel, rugged cable railing systems, and skillfully forged wrought iron railings to elevate your outdoor space with both style and durability.



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